How To Block IQ Option Account


You may have heard people saying “my account has been blocked by IQ Option”. That’s true. IQ Option does block people accounts but for a reason. As per the available information on the official blog of IQ Option, doubtful accounts or accounts falling in the category of breach of conduct usually gets blocked. IQ Option follows a certain set of rules and SOPs just like every other reputable organization does follow. So whenever an account appears to be inconsistent with their pre-defined SOPs, it gets blocked.

As mentioned before, there are certain reasons that people get their accounts blocked, one of main reasons is that some people tend to open more than one account. As per the policy of IQ Option broker, it allows its clients to have only one account at a time. People sometimes get frustrated because even they don’t wish to keep multiple accounts but because of having no knowledge as of how to block an earlier account once opened, they get their new account being blocked as well.

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This is the reason we receive hundreds of emails daily from our valued clients asking us to let them know how to block IQ Option account? In this piece, we mention how to block IQ option account?

Steps To Follow To Block IQ Option Account

You need to follow simple steps in order to block your old account at IQ Option.

  1. First of all type in the address bar of your internet browser.
  2. Enter your login credentials and click “Sign In” to log in to your account.
  3. After logging in your live trading account, you need to click on your avatar being displayed in the upper right corner of your trading platform.
  4. Hove your cursor around your avatar so different options become visible, click “trading history”.
  5. Then click “operations history” and you will see a bar containing four options including contact support, deposit, personal data and withdraw fund have popped up.
  6. Click on “Personal Data” a new page will be opened
  7. Click “Settings” and scroll down the page.
  8. Click “Account Blocking” the sixth option in chronological order.
  9. Click “Block Account”.

Great, you’re done!

Your account will get blocked within 24 hours. You can then open a new account or simply keep using the account that you have opened already. Don’t worry about getting your account blocked, since now you have closed your extra account and have satisfied the company’s condition of keeping one account at a time, therefore your account will not get blocked for sure.

Final Words

Now that you have blocked your IQ Option account you might look for an IQ Option alternative, Ayrex. No Doubt Ayrex is one of the best binary options brokers around the world. Because of its award-winning trading platform, friendly trading conditions and excellent customer services, traders prefer Ayrex over its competitors for account opening purposes. The broker doesn’t only provide great security to clients’ investments but it also makes sure to protect their confidential information as well by employing SSL encrypted web protocols. It even further enhances the credibility of the broker making it investor’s top choice to trade binary options.



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