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Best Binary Options Broker in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is extremely advanced country – both socially and economically. The authoritative system of UAE is completely governed by the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). DIFC is Dubai’s own administration system in order to standardize financial services in the region.

In order to provide maximum security to investors, the UAE regulator, the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA) closely observes and supervises the operations of binary options brokerage firms.

Obligations to be fulfilled by UAE Brokers

The UAE binary brokers are strictly required to fulfill the following obligations to work in the district:

Corresponding regulation of recognized jurisdictions such as Cyprus and UK must be verified and established. They should have a verified operational documentation or proof. They should have highly qualified staff in their team having not less than 5 years of experience in retail financial services industry. Capitalization in local currency should be revealed in a hefty amount.… Read more

How To Choose a Good Binary Options Signals Provider

If you want to trade Binary Options successfully then, you will not only require a sound trading strategy but also good trading indicators and trading signals. As we know that trading Binary Options ends up in either asset or nothing, trading the options are considered to be less risky than trading Forex/CFDs or cryptocurrencies. But this does not mean that the market of Binary Options is not highly volatile. With an increased number of people joining the Binary Options trading market, the competition between the Binary Options brokers for acquiring new clients have also increased. This is where you require Binary Options trading signals and you will be able to focus solely on profit-making.

Breaking Down ‘Binary Options Trading Signals’

There are numerous financial trading companies that work behind the scenes and constantly monitor the trends of the market. Their aim is to create trading opportunities for their clients. These companies are called Signal Service Providers (SSPs) as their task is to send signals to the Binary Options traders that will help them to decide when to place a Call/Put option.… Read more


Binary Option Broker Using MetaTrader 4

Trading of forex, binary options, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrency has been on the rise with each passing day. This has brought about the development of broker firms in each year. With the so many choices, it can be quite hard for an individual, especially a starter to settle for the best broker firm especially for binary options. Trading binary options requires the user to have super speed net in order to realize the best return on investments. In addition to the internet speed, you need to go for a platform that has fast response on transactions.

While there are so many choices of binary options brokers, one that has been a choice of many traders is the Go Markets where the users are able to use MT4 trading platform. This platform is simple and effective to use. Go markets has been a preference of many due to the fact that it uses the genesis version which offers various additional features that are of great use in the trading of binary options.+

By using Go Markets broker, you are able to manage the live trades by use of a terminal window, also, the presence of a mini terminal window feature enables the user to place trades fast especially when looking at the charts.… Read more


Binary Options Broker With Deposit Bonus

Trading binary options is a great idea to make quick money. It becomes even more enjoyable when a broker you open an account with offers you a deposit bonus. Although, deposit bonus is offered for a reason and that is to attract more customers, but it also benefits traders in a way that it takes your account’s balance to a whole new level. Brokers like Ayrex offer deposit bonuses to their clients almost throughout the year. However, the percentage of deposit bonuses may vary from time to time.

Let’s have a look at different binary options brokers offering deposit bonuses.

Ayrex Deposit Bonus

Ayrex is one of the world’s best binary options brokers and the best IQ Option alternative offering its customers a cutting-edge trading platform to trade binary options. The broker offers a deposit bonus of up to 30%. Clients can get started by depositing as low as $25 in their account.… Read more


How To Block IQ Option Account

You may have heard people saying “my account has been blocked by IQ Option”. That’s true. IQ Option does block people accounts but for a reason. As per the available information on the official blog of IQ Option, doubtful accounts or accounts falling in the category of breach of conduct usually gets blocked. IQ Option follows a certain set of rules and SOPs just like every other reputable organization does follow. So whenever an account appears to be inconsistent with their pre-defined SOPs, it gets blocked.

As mentioned before, there are certain reasons that people get their accounts blocked, one of main reasons is that some people tend to open more than one account. As per the policy of IQ Option broker, it allows its clients to have only one account at a time. People sometimes get frustrated because even they don’t wish to keep multiple accounts but because of having no knowledge as of how to block an earlier account once opened, they get their new account being blocked as well.… Read more


Why Ayrex Is Much Better Than IQ Option?

Fed up with IQ Option? Looking for some good alternative brokers for binary options trading? You have reached the correct destination. In this piece we are going to review Ayrex, in our opinion, is one of the IQ Option best alternative.

Ayrex is a leading broker in the world of binary options, offering best trading environment to its clients with the help of cutting-edge technology. Established in 2014, the broker is based in St. Kitts and Nevis. The broker offers a universal trading platform to its clients with a payout up to 85% on each profitable trade. Considering the security of clients funds, the broker holds investment of each client in segregated account being maintained in investment grade banks ranked in category – A.

There are two types of accounts being offered at Ayrex including a live trading account and an account for practice also known as a demo account.… Read more


Binary Options Brokers Regulated By CySEC

There are a number of binary options brokers operating. The traders, especially new traders, may easily get confused which broker they should select. The first parameter a trader should consider while selecting a binary options broker is its trustworthiness.

CySEC is a regulating body which regulates binary options brokers. The brokers regulated by this body are legit and you can trust them with your money. CySEC regulated binary options brokers keep separate accounts for the money of its customers and their own money for operation.

If you feel that your broker is cheating on you, you can lodge a complaint against the broker. CySEC will look into the matter and if your case is genuine, you will be compensated. It is, therefore, a wise decision to trade with a broker which is regulated by CySEC.

CySEC Regulated Binary Options Brokers

BD Swiss Broker

BD Swiss is a trustworthy binary broker.… Read more


Top Binary Options Brokers Minimum Deposit

The word binary means a two-way choice. This gives an option that has either of the two outcomes. Thus ‘Up and Down’ or ‘High and Low’ are the two options of a binary system. Binary options platforms use this mechanical operation as their mode of trading. This can be seen as an oversimplification but this serves the purpose of initial understanding. Binary options have toppled the market in the past few years though being in the market since the 20th century.

Ayrex Broker Minimum Deposit – $25

High Low Minimum Deposit – $50

BD Swiss Minimum Deposit – $100

This mode of trading is preferred over others due to its simplicity. Why trade binary options? A gist of the reasons would be:

The trading involves calculated risks. The trading doesn’t involve any commission or a middleman. The market cannot be manipulated as it moves on with its own sentiment.
Read more

Binary Options Brokers with Fast Withdrawal

Binary options, also known as two-way options, have become the easiest and most convenient means of trading. Binary options have been lying partly active or dormant in the trading world since 20th century. They have bumped up to popularity recently over the past few years with the rising trend of easier trading for some extra income. This has also helped serious traders to exploit this option of trading which allows traders to make simple “High” or “Low” trades on the market.

There were many early financial investment firms and banks offering binary options. The booming of the internet has helped the binary options trading as it has become easier to assess financial markets and employ effective trading. Standardizing of binary options make it easier to trade on stock exchanges and online trading through different platforms like Ayrex broker. A fixed return or payout percentage as high as 91%, can also be gained through these platforms.… Read more


Best Binary Options Brokers in Australia 2018

Are you looking to make investments fast? If so, then binary options trading can prove to be the best investment for you. It’s simple, easy and adaptable. All you need is to predict the right price direction of an underlying asset. If your prediction is correct, you win the amount you bet plus an additional payout offered by a broker. On the other hand, if the price moves against your prediction, you only lose the amount you bet for the trade. Isn’t it amazing?

Unlike forex, binary options trading doesn’t require a lot of experience. It doesn’t need your full-time devotion either. You can simply analyze the past price movement of an asset and can come up with a conclusion by estimating whether the price of an underlying asset is expected to increase or decline. Many brokers around the world offer binary options trading nowadays, but only a few of them are perfectly legit.… Read more

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