Why Ayrex Is Much Better Than IQ Option?


Fed up with IQ Option? Looking for some good alternative brokers for binary options trading? You have reached the correct destination. In this piece we are going to review Ayrex, in our opinion, is one of the IQ Option best alternative.

Ayrex is a leading broker in the world of binary options, offering best trading environment to its clients with the help of cutting-edge technology. Established in 2014, the broker is based in St. Kitts and Nevis. The broker offers a universal trading platform to its clients with a payout up to 85% on each profitable trade. Considering the security of clients funds, the broker holds investment of each client in segregated account being maintained in investment grade banks ranked in category – A.

There are two types of accounts being offered at Ayrex including a live trading account and an account for practice also known as a demo account. Clients need to deposit $25 only to get started with Ayrex. The broker offers multiple deposit and withdrawal methods to facilitate its clients including payments using cards (debit/credit), e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller), bank transfers, web money and some other local payment methods.

Below we discuss some advantages that give Ayrex an edge over IQ Option.

Ayrex Has Bonus on Deposit – IQ Doesn’t Have

Unlike IQ Option, the broker has a deposit bonus offer available for its clients. All you need is to open an account and select 30% deposit bonus to avail the offer. Please note that in order to withdraw bonus amount you need to reach the minimum turnover volume which is 12000 USD.

Let’s make it simple with the help of an example so you can understand better. For instance, Mr. John has $1000 available to invest. He makes a deposit and selects 30% bonus offer. As soon as the account is funded, Mr. Johns receives $1300 in his account. His account balance breaks down is $1000 as his initial deposit and $300 (30% x 1000 = 300) as bonus. Now he starts trading and reaches the minimum turnover volume of $12000. He then wishes to withdraw some funds say $500. So he can not only withdraw $500 but also the bonus deposit which is $300 plus all of his original investment which is $1000. That sums up to $1800. This means that Mr. John has almost doubled his balance in no time. Isn’t it interesting?

Fixed Expiry Time – IQ Option Doesn’t Offer Fixed Expiry

The best thing about Ayrex broker is that it has fixed expiry time for a trade. You need to select the expiry timing of your trade from the timing slab available at Ayrex before you can place the trade. As soon as the expiry time reaches, the trades are closed automatically by adjusting your account with the outcome of the trade. However, IQ Option doesn’t have this feature. You cannot select the fixed expiry timings for your trade at IQ Option.

Fast Trade Execution – Not Like IQ Option with 2-3 Seconds Delay

As mentioned earlier, the broker offers world’s leading trading platform with instant execution of trades so you can make the best use of it.  In fast-moving markets, you need to execute orders on real-time basis without delaying it for even a second. Else, you could lose a possible opportunity. Unfortunately, IQ Option doesn’t have this facility available. No matter how quickly you wish to close your trade at IQ Option, there is always a delay of 2-3 seconds before your trade is communicated to the market, hence you end up losing opportunities.

Trading Platform

The broker offers a web-based fast executing trading platform to its clients. Customers don’t need to get it installed on their PC. Instead, it can be accessed online using a computer connected to the internet. Clients can also use the supported version of the trading platform on their mobile phones and tablets. The supported versions of android and iOS-based mobile phones and tablets are available to download at Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

Practice Account

Customers can also open a demo account at Ayrex. This provision is made especially for inexperienced traders so they can learn, how to trade, and practice their trading skills without putting their real investment on a stake. However, the demo account is not limited to novice traders only. Experienced traders can also make use of it by practicing new trading strategies without losing their real money.

Ayrex Fast/Instant Withdrawals

Ayrex offers hassle-free deposit and withdrawal services to its customers. Customers can choose from different methods available for deposit and withdrawal including debit card, credit card, Skrill, Neteller, web money, fast bank transfers, wire transfers and other local payment methods. The broker usually processes withdrawals within 24 hours. Clients can withdraw a minimum of $5 at times. Please note that commission and charges may apply. The broker also offers free withdrawal once a month.

Ayrex Fast/Best Support

The broker offers excellent multilingual customer support to its clients. Keeping the company’s slogan “clients are their top priority” in view, Ayrex makes sure the availability of professional customer staff round the clock. The company can be reached via different mediums including telephone, email, and live chat. Clients wishing to talk to the company’s representative over the telephone can dial +44 20 3322 7337. Emails to [email protected] can also be generated for inquiries. Clients can also use web chat interface to raise their concerns with the customer support team on a runtime basis.

Final Words

After a careful review of Ayrex, we hereby conclude that it is one of the most legitimate brokers in the world of binary options. It offers excellent customer support. The broker has an award-winning trading platform with a user-friendly interface that even a novice trader can use it conveniently. The customer support staff at Ayrex is very friendly and responsive. It offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods and process payments within 24 hours. We, therefore, express our extreme satisfaction obout Ayrex and would like to suggest people join them. Opening an account with Ayrex is surely going to be a wise decision for trading.


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